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Learning to code should also be fun. That's why we built Zappycode! A community of learners that don't like doing things the boring way. Join and see what it's all about.

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Trying to learn something new? Rather than watching a bunch of half-baked YouTube videos and tutorials that haven't been updated in 3 years, come take one of our complete end to end courses designed for you!

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We'd love it if you'd pay $25 a month but if you're broke, fine by us. Move the slider below and see how Nick (Commander-in-Chief) reacts.



Open Code & Financials

ZappyCode is created by a community. Wanna improve the site or see how it ticks? It's all on our GitHub. Wanna help ZappyCode grow or just see how much dough is coming in? We got it all for ya!

Also! Those who help with the coding or business side of the site, get free membership!

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