I got an email recently talking about improving 1% a day. It said if you did, in year, you'd be 32 times better off than where you are now. I was really shocked by that so I wanted to run the numbers myself, see below:

weeks = 50
days_a_week = 7
day = 1
total = 1

while day <= weeks * days_a_week:
  print(f'{day}: {total}')
  total = total * 1.01
  day += 1

And it's true! The math checks out. I decided I wanted to try and improve ZappyCode by 1% each day and see where it takes me. I only work M-F so when it's only 5 days a week, the math goes 11x instead of 32x (isn't that wild what difference working weekends could make). Anywho! I still like 11x so here's my list of what I did each day. Hopefully June 17th 2022 ZappyCode is 11x better than before!

July 2021

June 2021

  • Wednesday 30 - Researched how to have links open directly to app so that I can email people who have an expired membership to renew easily
  • Tuesday 29 - Fixed /money/paypal
  • Monday 28 - Worked on the PayPal API
  • Friday 25 - Added course suggestions to challenges
  • Thursday 24 - Started Search Ads for the ZappyCode app on iOS
  • Wednesday 23 - Starting the conversion of posts to tutorials
  • Tuesday 22 - Don't show course text on tutorial if no courses (this page made me realize it  😆)
  • Monday 21 - Added Tags so that courses show below tutorials
  • Friday 18 - Now you can renew your subscription in the iOS app
  • Thursday 17 - Added Google Analytics