Whenever we get confused by something, but then find a solution, we make a tutorial so that hopefully it'll help some stranger out there on the internet. Enjoy!

Django 4 Course Resources

Everything you need to get the most out of my Django 4 course

Setting up & Running Django on OpalStack.com

Setting up & Running Django on a shared hosting provider like OpalSta…

Using TailWind CSS 3.x with Django

Getting started with TailWindCSS 3.0 in a Django Project without the …

Common SwiftUI List Error
Common SwiftUI List Error - Why Items Need to Be Identifiable and How to Fix It

Ever get the error saying "Initializer requires that 'String' conform…

Swift Cheat Sheet

The quick reminders you need while writing Swift code

SwiftUI Cheat Sheet

The quick reminders you need for SwiftUI

Resources for Swift and Making Apple Apps

Links and resources to make apps for Apple devices. iOS, MacOS, Watch…

Integrating Google Auth with Django Projects

Make the authentication much easier for users.....

Prevent Firebase Events While Testing on iOS

I had the issue where I was testing in-app purchases for my app on my…

Rice Chess
Improving ZappyCode 1% a Day

Improving 1% a day means 32x in a year!

Solana Lending
Oyster Lending and Borrowing with Solana DeFi

DeFi on Solana is at its early stages, come learn how to setup Oyster…

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 11.24.53 PM.png
Default and Specific Titles Using Django Blocks

If you are extending a base template, here's how to have a default or…

Create Your Own Token and NFT on Solana

A beginner friendly guide to making your own token on Solana

Once Upon a Time...

Where it all began...

Deploy Django project on Pythonanywhere

The easiest way to make live your Django project on Pythonanywhere

Deploying Django project on Linux server (Ubuntu + Gunicorn + Nginx + Supervisor + Ufw)

We are going to deploy Django project on Ubuntu Server version 20.04 …

Deploy Django project on Heroku

There are a few ways to deploy projects on Heroku. In this guide we a…

Preparing project to deploy and pushing it to Github

Before deploying your project it's worth pushing it to any VCS (Versi…

The best terminal tutorials for any system

Getting familiar with your terminal doesn't need to be a huge underta…

Python Cheat Sheet
Python Cheat Sheet

If you ever need to remember how to do something quickly in Python, I…

Python in a Weekend

The Easiest Python for Beginners Course

Running ZappyCode Open Source Locally - Django

Zappycode welcomes contributions from the community and is an open so…

Creating Layouts. Grid Basics

Throughout this mini-series, we will be learning how to create a grea…

Dark Mode in SwiftUI
Dark Mode in SwiftUI

There are several ways to make sure your app looks good in dark mode

Fix Django Error - FATAL: password authentication failed for user "postgres"

Likely the cause for this, is that your database settings are wrong.

What's the Difference Between {{ }} and {% %}? A Breakdown of Django's Template Language

Everything you always wanted to know about Django Template Language b…

Secret data
Keep your secrets... secret. Even it is Django stuff

Django's settings.py file has a some sensitive data which can be comp…

Django Cheat Sheet

Here are some common commands you'll use while working with Django.